Combined Breast and Gynecologic Pathology Fellowship

This program provides 12 months of subspecialty breast and gynecologic pathology training in the largest academic tertiary care specialty hospital of the University of Wisconsin System. Trainees work as a clinical instructor with graduated independent sign-out responsibility of breast and gynecologic specimens, including intraoperative gross and frozen section consultations. With over 12,000 breast and gynecologic specimens per year, one graduates with a comprehensive training and expertise in diverse and complex cases. The trainees also participate in signing out of breast pathology consultation/second opinion cases from a busy breast clinic and regional consultation service, under supervision of a staff pathologist.

In addition, the clinical instructorship position includes one-week rotations in other clinical specialties including breast and gynecologic surgery, medical oncology and radiation oncology, to understand the role of pathology in the integrated multidisciplinary approach to treating women with cancer. Weekly participation in the breast imaging and pathology conference provides an in depth understanding of imaging correlation in management of breast disease. Overall the fellowship/clinical instructorship position is aimed at developing academic and leadership skills to thrive as an expert in breast and gynecologic pathology suited for both academically-orientated pathologists as well as those who are interested in pursuing community practice with a subspecialty focus.

The Department of Pathology currently has 8 breast/GYN pathologists – with subspecialty expertise in the full spectrum of diseases of the breast and female reproductive organs, each with a passion for teaching at the microscope.  There are 8 Pathologist Assistants and three grossing technologists who assist in grossing of the specimens. Fellows are not required to gross specimens, however, can participate in examination of educational cases.

During the first half of the year, trainees assume graduated responsibility in the process of review, work up of assigned cases, ensure proper gross examination of specimens as needed, and sign-out with attending pathologists who would finalize the report. During the latter half of the academic year, as deemed appropriate, trainees are granted sign-out privileges with an assigned attending for support and back-up. There are no on call responsibilities during the year.

Trainees participate in the weekly breast and gynecologic oncology multidisciplinary conferences with a resident and assigned attending pathologist, and present at the weekly in the breast imaging and pathology conference on site. A wide array of research opportunities exists, and it is encouraged to complete at least one research project during the fellowship.

Academic Year Status
2023-2024 Filled
2024-2025 Filled
2025-2026 Open: Apply Here
2026-2027 Open: Apply Here

Certification or Board eligibility in combined Clinical and Anatomic Pathology, or in Anatomic Pathology.


Interested applicants should prepare a cover letter, current CV, and three letters of reference, including one from the program director.

For more information, please contact

Dr. Madhu Roy
Director of Combined Breast and Gynecologic Fellowship
University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics
3170-10N MFCB
1685 Highland Ave
Madison, WI 53705


Sara Gross
(608) 262-7158

Current Fellow

Keely Dinse, DO

Teaching Faculty Members
Josephine Harter, MD
Aparna Mahajan, MD
Stephanie McGregor, MD, PhD
Madhu Roy, MD, PhD
Rakesh Sarda, MD
Charisse Treece, MD
Paul Weisman, MD
Jin Xu, MD, MS