Research Fellowship


To provide a research transition year, either before or after subspecialty fellowship training, for academically oriented residents and fellows.


The first fellowship year available will be July, 2013- June, 2014. The fellow will be provided PGY-appropriate salary support plus $1,500 in support for meeting attendance, supplies, and professional funds. It is expected that the research mentor supplies the bulk of laboratory/supply/core-support costs. It is further expected that the fellow will make a good-faith effort to obtain external support for his/her salary, such as a training grant, K-award, or similar mechanism. The department will adjust the outside salary up to PGY appropriate levels. Because of the varied regulations for Visa-holders versus U.S. citizens, particularly with regard to NIH training grant monies, each fellow will have a potentially unique combination of support. While fellows are engaged in research, it will be critical for them to maintain their clinical skills in their area(s) of interest. For this reason, fellows should identify a clinical mentor (directors of individual services such as Surg Path, Hemepath, Cytopath, Microbiology, etc. would be appropriate mentors) who will meet with the fellow and research mentor to prepare a written plan for keeping clinical skills while not interfering with the main research effort. Examples might include attending signout 1 day per week, attending QA and/or didactic sessions, or acting as a fellow on the service for short periods.


Any trainee who has completed their residency and/or fellowship training in the department. Preference will be given to residency graduates.


Interested residents/fellows may begin applying on December 1, approximately 1.6 years prior to the expected start date (typically this would be July 1). The applicant should identify a research mentor(s) and project as well as a clinical mentor. Preference will be given to mentors in the Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. A 2-3 page letter detailing the proposed research project, the applicant’s career goals and research experience, and the mentor’s ability to physically and financially support the project should be addressed to the Departmental Research Committee, with copies to the Chair and the Program Director. Fellows will be selected by a vote of the Research Committee, Chair, and Program Director on a rolling basis until a fellow is in place for that year. It is possible that unique situations will arise in which the fellowship is awarded to a resident/fellow prior to these application dates in order to accommodate availability in clinical fellowships etc. This is at the discretion of the Committee, Chair, and Program Director. It is anticipated that one fellowship per year will be granted, with some years having no interested/qualified applicants.