Physician-Scientist Training Pathway (PSTP)

The PSTP in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UW-Madison School of Medicine & Public Health

Physician-scientists play a critical and outsized role in biomedical research. Our Physician-Scientist Training Pathway (PSTP) is training the next generation of clinical investigators, bringing together exceptional training in anatomic or clinical pathology and access to UW-Madison’s broad and world-class research community. Our PSTP is designed to provide trainees with the individualized mentorship, resources, and peer-interactions needed to accelerate their training and attain competitive tenure track faculty positions. A key principle of our PSTP is its flexibility. Each trainee designs their own pathway based on their unique needs and goals. However, there are also some key features of our program that are designed to support the success of our trainees:

  1. Optimized and front-loaded clinical training. Our trainees receive excellent clinical training while also enjoying the protected time needed to develop an independent research program that will make them competitive for fellowships and faculty positions.
  2. Out-of-sequence fellowship training. The option to complete a clinical fellowship out of sequence enables our trainees to optimize clinical training so that momentum can be sustained in the research phase while supporting access to coveted fellowship positions. 
  3. Additional PGY-level salary support for post-doctoral research.  We offer up to two years of additional PGY-level salary support for our PSTP trainees to pursue research after their residency and fellowship training. This provides our trainees the freedom to choose virtually any lab/mentor for their post-doctoral research and rapidly establish an independent research program. During this time, clinical duties are kept to a minimum but accommodations are made so that trainees can maintain/build their clinical skills, making them competitive for tenure-track physician-scientist positions in academia.

How do I apply?

In general, we accept applicants into the PSTP as CP-only or AP-only residents via the National Resident Matching Program; however, exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for research-oriented fellows and transfer applicants. Competitive applicants typically hold an MD and PhD from a Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) or equivalent. Applicants MUST contact PSTP director Dr. Daniel Matson (AP-only, or Dr. Adam Bailey (CP-only, prior to applying.